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what is talric's quirk?

each number corresponds with 3 letters like a mobile phone keyboard!!

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all of your ghost trolls! how did you die

Metrac: Oil spill, very messy, nod doo much fun.
Ibilis: My exmate stabbed me to death wh[]le {} was f[]x[]ng a meal, no warn[]ng e[]ther.
Formid: I walked in on I♣ilis’ mate sta♣♣ing her and ran for the door, ♣ut a knife in the ♣ack kinda stopped me short…
Okiind:….i d(:n:)n’t want t(:n:) talk ab(:n:)ut it….
Pteron: …I got beat to death by my cave-mates ^..^
Palump: Oooh! It’s been sooo looong I’ve fooorgoootten….
Rotkeh: Hell if I know, I didn’t thee it coming, hurt like fuck though though though.
Duursa: We WE were WERE culled CULLED at AT a A young YOUNG age AGE for FOR obvious OBVIOUS reasons REASONS
Talric: 4483 22833 46 9484 63 467433 (hive caved in with me inside)

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ask my ghost trolls questions

(ghosts v v v basic info under cut)

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what if you gained your icons personality for a week


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Imagine a miniature version of your icon riding around in your pocket and giving you good advice.

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On a murderous rampage my character has cornered yours. What does your character say in 10 words or less to try and save their skin?
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Hello there friends! I’m a new troll positive blog, could you all reblog this so I can have people to follow? Also it might not show up as me following you, as this is a side blog. Thank you very much friendly friends!

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eh rn